Is Accent Modification for You?

Ask yourself if you experience any of the following in your English-language communication: 

  • Do you have difficulty being understood?
  • Do you ever feel self-conscious about your English speech?
  • Do you need to repeat yourself in order to be understood?
  • Do people ever look puzzled or confused trying to understand your English speech?
  • Do you ever sense impatience in others when they struggle to comprehend you?
  • Do you ever miss out on opportunities to speak when you have something you want to say?
  • Do you ever feel that you are not being taken seriously because of how you speak?
  • Do you feel unqualified for a job position due to your speaking skills?
  • Do you suspect that you were ever not hired or promoted because of your accent?
  • Have misinterpretations of your speech resulted in misunderstandings?
  • Do you have more difficulty being understood over the phone?

    If you can identify with one or more of the above statements,  know that there is a solution for you!

    Remember that poor communication puts up barriers while good communication opens doors to greater opportunity.

    The new opportunities that come with speaking more confidently are limitless! Open the door to increased personal, professional, or academic success by using The American Accent Guide today and receivpersonalized accent reduction training.