The Benefits of Accent Modification

Now you can learn to:

  • Experience more enjoyable and successful interactions in both one-on-one and group conversations and discussions. 
  • Minimize or eliminate the need to repeat yourself. Be understood clearly the first time whether speaking in person or by phone.
  • Communicate clearly your opinion or points of view using vocal tones appropriate for the mood or circumstance.
  • Benefit from stronger professional communication with managers, colleagues, employees, clients, and customers.
  • Prepare to advance your career by doing things like giving presentations or supervising/training fellow employees.
  • Become more efficient in everyday interactions like asking questions, providing information, negotiating, scheduling appointments, making purchases, etc.

The new opportunities that come with speaking more confidently are limitless! Open the door to increased personal, professional, or academic success by utilizing The American Accent Guide today and receiving personalized accent modification training.

“It was my supervisor’s decision that I receive accent modification coaching so that I could communicate better, especially by phone. Gratefully, I am now able to provide information and answer their questions without having to repeat what I said. I enjoy my job more than ever, thanks to the accent modification coaching I received” 

Julia Dudek, Sales Manager 


“Before I received accent coaching from Beverly when someone had difficulty understanding what I said, I didn’t know why. I quickly learned why people didn’t understand me and everything I needed to do to correct my speech. I no longer struggle to make myself clear, and I feel comfortable speaking English in any situation.”

 Mai Wu, Chicago

“I started studying English in Finland at the age of 8, and I lived in Orange County, California, for 3 years, so I think my English vocabulary and grammar are pretty good. My accent wasn’t that bad. However, I got inspired to improve it, because I am studying at an American university toward a B.A Degree. The American Accent Guide has helped me a lot. It is condensed and has clear explanations with techniques on how to pronounce individual sounds as well as rhythm and intonation. It provides extensive instruction on consonant clusters. How to combine sounds I believe is difficult to many foreigners.

I also contacted Miss Beverly Lujan for personal help. She was very kind and professional, and I learned many tips on how to improve my pronunciation, especially the R sound. I am very grateful to Miss Beverly and I thank God that He has used her to create The American Accent Guide.”

Heikki Kyllo, Tuusula, Finland