Beverly A Lujan, MS, CCC-SLP

“Welcome! I am the Author of The American Accent Guide and an Accent Modification Specialist. My passion in assisting non-native individuals to further their skills at speaking English clearly and confidently was sparked 30 years ago as I began studies in speech-language pathology and linguistics. I was aware that ESL instruction while training grammar and vocabulary, did not address the other important component of English, its phonology.

Like grammar, the phonology of a language is a system governed by unique sets of rules. I felt certain that an understanding of these rules would be facilitating for learners wanting to sound more like a native speaker of American English. Consequently, I created my own lessons incorporating these rules and tested my approach on non-native university students I knew. Like me, they found the new insights fascinating and, more importantly, quite productive. This led to my undertaking the necessary research and eventually starting a private practice to implement my methods. My lessons were compiled into what became the first version of The American Accent Guide.”

Author Bio

Beverly has a sensitivity to the needs of learners who adopt English as a second language. She herself was brought up in a bi-lingual family and learned English in early childhood. With a desire for serving others, she went on to complete her studies and training at the University of Utah with a Masters of Science Degree in Speech-Language Pathology. While at the University, she served as Department Vice President of the Student Association. In her studies, early language development, voice, articulation, and phonology were among her areas of specialty.  



On a global level, Ms. Lujan has provided American accent and communication training to international students at Hawthorne University and has provided supervision to Graduate Students in Speech-Language-Pathology at the University of Utah. Also, she has conducted seminars for associations and has presented at conferences sharing her expertise in improved communication through accent training. Further, she founded the Lingual Arts Institute for Training the American Accent. To promote the importance of her work, Beverly provides coaching and conducts courses and webinars.


 The clients who have benefited from her instruction represent a wide range of professions, including medicine, technology, software and IT,  finance, education, and clergy.

For over 25 years, Beverly has helped thousands of learners from varying backgrounds, cultures, and countries to become clear and effective English communicators. The highly successful methods that she has developed have been compiled into The American Accent Guide. This book has won acclaim worldwide and is currently used in many universities and language schools and for self-study.