Personalized Accent Modification Coaching

By Beverly A Lujan, M.S., CCC-SLP

Beverly A. Lujan offers high-quality personalized coaching backed by 30 years’ experience in training individuals one-on-one and in groups. She takes pleasure in helping her clients achieve their accent and communication career goals and thereby advance their careers.

Beverly gives special focus to your particular areas of need. She clearly demonstrates the techniques you need and provides generous feedback and reinforcement to help you attain your goals with ease.

Personalized Coaching Includes:

  • An initial speech evaluation
  • Individualized goals to help you achieve optimal success in modifying your accent.
  • Personalized coaching sessions provided via high-quality online video conferencing.
  • Flexibility to accommodate your schedule.
  • Exercises can incorporate vocabulary, terms, and proper names important in your line of work.
  • If requested, you will be helped in preparing for speeches, presentations, or interviews.

Practice Materials:

The materials are included to help accelerate your progress as you practice independently between sessions.These make experience rich, enjoyable, and cost-effective.

Practice materials are presented on a multi-media platform with audio/video recording capabilities and access to

  • A digital version of The American Accent Guide with 700+ engaging, interactive exercises.
  • 70 videos clearly demonstrating how to articulate the most challenging speech sounds of American English.
  • An app for access on your digital devices.
  • The American Accent Guide book with audio CD. A resource for continued progress after completion of coaching sessions.

Coaching Packages

Get coaching by the hour or subscribe for one of these attractive packages:

Package 100

An initial speech evaluation.

Three one-hour sessions of personalized accent modification coaching.

Three months of access to the AAG Online and digital app.

Package 300

An initial speech evaluation.

Six one-hour sessions of personalized accent modification coaching.

5 months of access to the AAG Online and digital app.

Package 500

An initial speech evaluation.

Ten one-hour sessions of personalized accent modification coaching, with progress leading to advanced exercises.

8  months of access to the AAG Online and digital app.

Package 1000

An initial speech evaluation.

Sixteen one-hour sessions of personalized coaching, with progress leading to advanced exercises.

12 months of access to the AAG Online and digit

Even though my English language skills were good, I faced challenges communicating at work because of my accent. I wanted to be confident in communicating with executives from my company and with client executives. After two sessions with Beverly Lujan, I knew exactly why I had to repeat what I said, and why people had difficulty understanding certain words I said. Working with her on interactive sessions helped me make corrections quite quickly. I can now communicate a lot better and speak with confidence. I am very happy to recommend the service of Ms. Lujan.”

Dev Mudaliar, VP of Technology, Teleperformance U

 * * * * * * *

“I am grateful for the personalized coaching I received from Beverly Lujan. After a few sessions, my staff at the clinic noticed an improvement. In fact, they were impressed. My patients never have to ask, “Could you repeat that again?”, or,  “What did you say?, Say that one more time please”. Talking over the phone now is much easier and most important for me is that I am no longer nervous speaking in groups and meetings. Thank you so much,”

Zeydoun Soulayman D.D.S., Houston, Texas

  * * * * * * *

“As an IT professional, being able to speak English with a clear accent is very important for my success. Working with Beverly Lujan, was the best training for improving my English speech. Her training and her book and CDs provided me everything I needed to prepare me to gain a managing position where I train others. I can tell others easily understand me. I seldom need to repeat what I said, and I no longer see the confusion in people’s faces.”

Hui Zheng,    IT Professional

  * * * * * * *

I am an attorney who has used The American Accent Guide and have received accent coaching by Beverly Lujan. The American Accent Guide is enjoyable and helpful, and Beverly is a great coach. I like the way she kindly guided me at every step. I reached my goals by the end of the course and am happy to say that I seldom get asked where I’m from.

A. Dobrow,    Attorney 

“I came to the US from Vietnam. My passion is to inspire people, and my career goal was to be a public speaker. I joined Toast Masters Club. My fellow members found my speeches interesting and inspiring. However, for me to get to the next level, my accent needed help. Fortunately, I discovered Beverly Lujan, who helped me to become a clearer and better speaker. As a result, I was able to compete with confidence in speech competitions at Toast Masters and advance as high as district winner finalist. Currently, I work as an international speaker on cross-culture competence and global leadership. I travel from Atlanta to Beijing, from Ho Chi Minh City to Washington DC.

I am very grateful to Beverly, and I recommend her for any non-native of  English who wants to speak with clarity and confidence.”

Lan Bercu   Public Speaker, Georgia, USA

* * * * * * *

“My experience in training sessions with Beverly was incredibly pleasant. Her teaching method is very effective.. Within ten weeks, she showed me all the basics of the standard American accent including proper stress, intonation, rhythm, vocal patterns, and pronunciation of all the vowels and consonants. She also helped me be a critical judge of my speech. I am now able “fine tune” my accent by detecting and then fixing my mistakes. She is very patient, very detailed, and very thorough. I think it is important to have a professional to give you feedback, provide you guidelines, and show you how to make corrections. I definitely recommend Beverly.”

Sherman Tse   Oracle Developer,  North Carolina

* * * * * * *

“I was not able to function well in my job as a manager in bank operations which requires me to train bank officers and employees. My English was difficult for people to understand. After only ten weeks of working with Ms. Lujan and practicing with The American Accent Guide, people no longer asked me to repeat what I said. My accent has definitely improved, and people actually say they like the way I sound.

I now also have the opportunity to teach economics and business management classes at a community college which would not have happened had I not improved my speaking skills.”

Stanford Aderigbigbe   Zions Bank, Utah

 * * * * * * *

“Ten sessions was right for me. I’m happy with what I had learned and how much progress I made. Now I know that people understand me easily. I have more confidence in speaking in our company meetings. I am able to contribute more in my job as a systems analyst.”

Motoko Aoki   System Analyst, California

 * * * * * * *

The help I received from Beverly Lujan was what I had been looking for. I felt my English was good but yet I knew I was hard to understand. I couldn’t figure what I needed to do. Beverly’s book, The American Accent Guide, contained everything I needed to know, but I still needed the help and expertise of Beverly. In only a few weeks of training, I could tell the difference.

I am a physician in family practice, and I no longer have to worry about my patients not being able to understand everything I say.

Dinesh Rao   MD, Family Practice

  * * * * * * *

Taking the American Accent Guide course from Beverly Lujan was the best thing I have ever done to improve my English speech. I tried other courses but could never make the progress I needed.  I would never have been able to advance to my position of Sales Manager without this course.

Javier Mendoza,    Sales Manager

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