The American Accent Guide, 3rd Edition

The American Accent Guide provides comprehensive training on the standard American accent. It is for speakers of all language backgrounds who have intermediate to advanced skills in the English language.

  • A book and 8.5 hours of audio on CD
  • Founded on authentic linguistics principles
  • The most comprehensive program of its kind, addressing every element of speech.

The Vowel and Consonant Sounds  —  The 17 vowel and 24 consonant sounds of American English and variations are addressed. The major focus is on sounds most commonly difficult for non-native speakers of English.

Intonation, Stress, and Pauses — Intonation adds meaning. Intonation and stress together allow you to express more clearly just what you mean. Slight pauses when applied properly also make messages clearer. Together with stress, pauses help to emphasize important points in messages.

Rhythm — Rhythm is timing, and American English is characterized by the uneven timing of syllables. Applying the right rhythm is important for achieving clarity. Without proper rhythm, speakers can be difficult to comprehend, even when they produce most sounds correctly. Once you learn to apply the rhythm that is proper to American English, you will speak more clearly,  and you will speak with the proper timing. It will not be necessary to speak slowly in order to be understood. With the right rhythm, your speech will sound more like that of a native speaker of American English.


The American Accent Guide addresses the entire sound system of American English and makes it easy to understand. The elements of American English are all expertly explained through a variety of engaging, interactive exercises based on everyday language. These real-life situations range from casual to technical and from informal to professional.

The exercises in The American Accent Guide reflect the communication style of American culture, and they incorporate common idioms and colloquialisms taken from everyday communication. The American Accent Guide provides learners with a deeper understanding of the American English sound system and its underlying rules. Learners gain a wealth of helpful, skill-building insights that facilitate:

  • More articulate speech
  • Better comprehension of spoken English
  • Improved grammar
  • Better understanding of commonly used idioms
  • Greater confidence in English-language communication

…And much more!

Typical Users of The American Accent Guide Universities, colleges, language schools, speech-language pathologists, ESL instructors, and individual speakers use The American Accent Guide.

“The American Accent Guide, 2nd Edition, the most original and the most comprehensive resource… Clients applaud its creative systematic approach …rave about the successes they have achieved.

The American Accent Guide has been a boon for many senior executives of Chinese firms, from leading European firms stationed in Beijing; senior-level government officials from the central government executives from the Beijing Organizing Committee; local bankers and investment gurus.

I am an English language instructor in spoken, written and listening comprehension, with ESL and EFL studies and programs directed to non-native speakers.”

David Fieldman

 * * * * * * *

“I recommend Beverly Lujan’s American Accent Guide to my clients for home practice when I train them to reduce their accents. It has all the essential elements (auditory discrimination, intonation, vowels, and consonants) without being overwhelming for the client. It is one of the few accent reduction programs which address intonation–the first place to start regardless of the accent.”

Vicki MacKenzie       

Director, Accent on Communication

“The American Accent Guide” will find a valued place in professional business training as well as in schools and ESL classes. I have been training European business professionals in English and international communication for over 22 years. I have never before found a tool as complete, well thought-out, and useful. I recommend it highly.

Madeleine Shaw Lucien-Brun, Paris-based language trainer for corporations

 * * * * * *

“This excellent sequential program of verbal exercises is complete as well as fun. The American Accent Guide, as a resource. it provides my clients with wonderful practice activities which target all of the nuances of American English.

Toby L. Langstaff, M.A. CCC   Speech Pathologist

 * * * * * *

“This course is a winner! It takes you there in a most natural manner with kind of an entertaining way, never getting boring at any point. The audio instructions are so clear (almost lucid) and one starts to learn the correct accent right from the beginning. The accompanying book is written meticulously and complements the audio to make it the most comprehensive course.”  

C. Salvi    An ESL Student