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Is Accent Modification for You?

An accent is a natural aspect of every language. When we adopt a new language, we will naturally apply to it the accent that is characteristic of our native language. It will be noticed by others that we “speak with an accent.”  Such an accent in and of itself is not a problem unless you yourself consider it to be a problem, or if it interferes with your communication.   LEARN MORE

The Benefits of Accent Modification


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Now you can learn to experience more enjoyable and successful interactions in both one-on-one and group conversations and discussions.  LEARN MORE

The American Accent Guide, 3rd Edition

The methods and principles behind The American Accent Guide are founded on authentic linguistics principles and are based on the belief that teaching the phonology (sound system) of American English is the best way to train the American accent. LEARN MORE

Personalized Accent Modification Coaching

Perhaps you already speak English quite clearly and just wish to sound more like a non-native speaker of American English, or you have other reasons. Perhaps sometimes others have difficulty what you are communicating, Personalized accent modification will assist you in reaching your communication goals.  LEARN MORE